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Are you a fashion blogger keen on discovering beautiful pieces? Don’t you just love to pose to the camera and share your style/look with your followers? Do you always get a lot of visits, compliments and comments on your new posts? If that sounds like you, we are just searching for you and we would love to work with you!

We’d be happy to work with passionate bloggers who have a great style and are capable of promoting a positive brand image for Shine.

What can you expect from Shine?
· Receive the latest trendy products for free. The amount of products you could receive every time is based on the number of followers your blog has and the quality of your posts. The more visits your posts generated and the higher quality the posts have, the more frequent you could receive products from us.
· The opportunity to be featured and promoted on Shine’s various platforms, including Shine’s Facebook page, Pinterest profile, etc.

What do we expect from bloggers?
· Once the blogger receives the products, they should always submit product reviews on Shine Accessories’ website
· The blogger should always create a post for the product within 10-15 days after they received the products.
· We also encourage the blogger to add some personal impressions regarding Shine in their posts. Those posts with personal impressions will be perceived as higher quality posts.
· The number of links generated for the given amount of the products (you can generate more links by posting the photos on various platforms, or creating multiple posts for one single product), the number of visits generated back to Shine’s website, and the overall quality of the posts are relevant in how many products the blogger could receive each time, as well as how frequent the blogger could receive our products.
· Shine Accessories reserve the right of using the photos, including using them on Facebook page, twitter, Pinterest, weheartit or Shine’s website and any other social media platform, and may use the photos to promote Shine Accessories.
· Once the post is ready, the blogger shall always send us the link so that we can keep track of post feedbacks as well as product feedbacks.
· We generally request the blogger to add Shine’s banner to his/her blog.

At the moment, we have mainly two types of cooperation: sponsor of a give-away, or the offer of certain products for reviews. Please feel free to suggest other cooperation ideas, if you believe it will bring mutual benefits.

If you agree with all the above mentioned conditions, please email your blog address as well as your key platforms (such as lookbook, chictopia, etc) to blogger@ishineaccessories.com, and we will get back to the selected candidates shortly. Please kindly note that, due to the large number of requests we receive, we cannot select everyone at a time. We will give the priority to the candidates who have a better fit to our target markets, as well as our general style. The criteria we are using may change with time, and you are certainly more than welcome to apply multiple times.