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About » Unique Collection

At Shine, we have an unique philosophy. We love the road less travelled, reflecting to our business, we love the items which are not widely available by normal retail store chain.

We understand how embarrassing it is to find out someone wearing exactly the same necklace as you do at the party. That is not cool at all.

What we want to achieve at Shine is exactly opposite, we want to offer only the special and unique merchandise to you, so that everyone will praise the beautiful bracelet you got from Shine, because they have never seen it elsewhere.

Let us be honest, we always are much more interested to the items that rarely seen than those are exposed to us in our daily life, isn’t it? That is the whole vision behind Shine.

At Shine, we are a deep believer and big fan of “road less travelled”, we are striving for and proud of being able to provide our customers with the most unique and special collections. Being unique, being special, is what Shine stands for, is also what set our Shine customers apart from others.

Backed up with the strong belief we have to provide our customers with unique collections, we are working hard to find the right suppliers, we know it is easier, and most of the time much cheaper to sell the items which are widely available for all the retailers, but that is not what we are passionate for, and that is not Shine’s style.

Visit and shop at Shine today, and be prepared by the overwhelming questions from curious people “where did you get those lovely jewelry?”